At the Maria Middelares General Hospital, every cardiologist is further specialised in certain heart and vascular diseases. This means that certain technical procedures or complex treatments are centralised and managed by one or two team members. If you book an appointment, you (or your GP) do not need to worry about this. When necessary, the cardiologist will transfer your care to a specialist colleague.

All physicians are affiliated with the hospital's collective policy and accredited by the Order of Surgeons.

Medical head: Dr Frank Provenier

Admitted physicians

The 'admitted physician-specialist' is not a permanent staff member at Maria Middelares General Hospital, but works on the basis of his or her expertise with the hospital to carry out specific treatments and procedures.


Of course, physicians are not the only ones working at the Maria Middelares Heart Centre of Ghent. There are also medical secretaries, nursing staff for the outpatients clinic and the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory, the heart attack nurses, the research coordinator and the assistant physicians all contribute to the proper functioning of the department.