Why volunteer for work at Maria Middelares General Hospital?

Why volunteer for work at Maria Middelares General Hospital?

Our existing team of 114 motivated volunteers is an indispensable link in our daily operations and our striving for excellence. Do you think you would enjoy volunteer work at our hospital? Would you like to make your leisure time more meaningful by joining our wonderful team? In that case, be sure to contact the volunteers coordinator or the staff management coordinator.

Who can become a volunteer?

Who can become a volunteer?

Your greatest motivation should be a compassionate heart for our patients.

Additionally, you need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • you are older than 18
  • you speak Dutch
  • you can commit regular amounts of time (a few hours per week or every fortnight)
  • you attend the required training courses
  • you maintain professional confidentiality

Have you registered? For smooth processing of your application, please also fill in the form below. You can send the form to the coordinator of the volunteer work.

Only available in Dutch:

Where can you work as a volunteer?

Where can you work as a volunteer?
Together with your colleagues, you put our motto ‘Compassionalte Care!' into practice.

As a volunteer, you provide an extra service to our patients and visitors through your presence and by listening. In other words, there is no expectation that you take over tasks from our employees.

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Benefits for volunteers

Benefits for volunteers
  • Interesting range of courses, training courses, e-Learning courses. Welcome day at the start.
  • Free meal and coffee in the cafeteria on volunteer days.
  • Free parking on the days you work as a volunteer. You can also use the bicycle parking area for employees.
  • A free flu vaccination
  • Reimbursement of your travel expenses on the days when you work as a volunteer or when you take part in compulsory training.
  • Insurance for personal injury in the event of accidents and civil liability
  • An annual meeting for volunteers and other events (New Year's reception)