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We want to support you as best we can throughout your journey, be it a long or a short one. In addition to the physical contact moments at the hospital, our digital patient platform MyHospital allows you to access or enter some data digitally from anywhere, via a computer or smartphone/tablet.

What is MyHospital?

  • Manage your appointments and other things online
  • Through a secure website or app
  • 24/7 accessibility

Digital patient platform MyHospital

Digital patient platform MyHospital

MyHospital is our new, digital patient platform. The platform is secure and accessible via computer, smartphone and tablet. You can manage your calendar and appointment scheduler, complete questionnaires, view your medical results and check your invoices. Discover more and more possibilities along the way!

Our objective is to get to know you even better, to follow up with you and to provide quality care that is tailored to your needs. See also our leaflet below.

Make, change or cancel appointments

Make, change or cancel appointments

Book an appointment online

In our hospital, many specialties allow you to make an appointment online. Appointments can be scheduled, changed and cancelled quickly via the digital patient platform MyHospital. Find out how to log in below .

You can also make an appointment by phone or online via our website (without login).

How do you prepare for your appointment?

  • Prepare for your consultation here.
  • Read more to prepare for your admission here.

What do you do after your appointment?

If necessary, schedule follow-up appointments yourself via MyHospital.

Logging in to MyHospital

Logging in to MyHospital

There are two different ways to sign up.

Registration via the secure website

  • Click on ‘Register’ below.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

Registration via the app

  • Install the MyHospital app on your smartphone. This app is available in the Google Play or the Apple Store.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

The former appointment portal with login (via your physician's secretariat) has been removed. Managing your appointments is now done with our new, digital patient platform MyHospital. Your current appointments will also be available there.

  • What is MyHospital? Click here.
  • How to use MyHospital? Read how to log in here.
  • Need help with MyHospital? See the contact details in the blue box below.

On rare cases, patients are unable to to log in via Itmse.

We diagnose these problems strictly on Apple devices.

Turning off your browser's private mode will usually resolve the issue. Find out how to do that with the button below.

Logging in as a foreign patient does not yet work, not even when you install Itsme. This is because, as a foreign patient, you are not known in the Belgian government's eHealth platform.

We are working on a solution for this.

Registering from abroad with a Belgian identity card does work.

You can log into MyHospital for your child or another person for whom you have a mandate. Arrange your power of attorney online or at the hospital.

Please note: the eID of children up to six years old can only be read on site for technical reasons (see 'In hospital ').

At the hospital
You need to bring your own identity card (eID) and your child(ren)'s eID, kids ID or ISI+ card.

You need a card reader and eID software to read the identity card (eID) or kids ID.

  1. Make sure the eID software is installed on your computer
    - Windows: go to your start menu -> settings -> apps
    - Apple: open Finder, the apps are in the sidebar
  2. You don't have the eID software? Download it with the button below.

We use the eID software. That is the standard way for logging in of the federal government.

Still can't log in? Click on the links below for more info:

To ensure you have the best possible user experience and benefit from the latest features, we recommend updating your app regularly to the latest version.

Updates often include bug fixes, performance improvements and new features that make your app run smoother.

How do I update my app in the Apple Store (iOS)?

  • Open the App Store.
  • Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll to see upcoming updates and corresponding version notes.
  • Tap 'Update' next to an app to update just that app or tap 'Update all'.

How do I update my app in the Google Play Store (Android)?

  • Open the Google Play Store app Google Play.
  • Tap the profile icon that is top right.
  • Tap Manage apps and device.
  • Apps for which there is an update have the label update available.
  • Tap update.

You need to log in via Itsme each time you use MyHospital.

This is for the following reasons:

  • Some users do not have an access code on their smartphone.
  • Some users use an access code they share with third parties who they do not want to access their medical data in MyHospital.

Need help accessing MyHospital?

Contact the helpdesk on +32 (0)9 246 75 75 (available Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm).

Any other questions? Call +32 (0)9 246 46 46 or contact your physician's secretariat.

My medical results

My medical results

Would you like to consult your medical results and data in a simple and secure way after a consultation or examination?


That is possible through the Cooperative Care Platform (CoZo), a digital collaborative platform that allows patients, care providers and health care facilities to exchange and share medical data quickly and securely.

Through CoZo


You can also find this information on the MyHealth online portal, which was developed by FPD Public Health and its partners and where you can find an overview of all your medical information. Register in the top right corner of the page.

Through MyHealth