Your supervisor/internship manager will determine when you should show up at your (medical) department or unit. So it is best to contact us in advance (all contact details can be found in the service-related information leaflet) or on our website.

During the first day of your internship you will be shown around the department/unit and you will get to know the staff and physicians in the (medical) department/unit.

What you should take with you on your first day of the internship.

What you should take with you on your first day of the internship.
  • Your Maria Middelares General Hospital ID badge (which you will receive during the welcome reception for students)
  • A small notebook
  • Working materials: pen, scissors...
  • Comfortable, safe and closed shoes

If you are an intern/student in a health care discipline (nursing, paramedical profession, physical therapy, medical imaging, etc.), you should also bring your internship clothing.

Maria Middelares General Hospital provides the necessary work clothing if this is not provided by the educational institute. You need to indicate this when you register online for the reception time. We will consider your request.

A locker will be assigned to you the week before your internship starts. You will receive an e-mail containing a locker number and a code.



Maria Middelares General Hospital devotes a lot of attention to the mentoring of interns and students. Each intern/student is assigned an internship mentor/supervisor. Your internship mentor/supervisor is your point of contact.

Your internship mentor/supervisor will be happy to answer any practical questions you may have. Your internship mentor/supervisor will go through your learning objectives with you.