Maria Middelares General Hospital’s mission can be expressed succinctly in the motto ‘CompassionateCare’. This is what we stand for as a hospital, this is what we want to achieve.

In addition, we translate our mission into the core values of our hospital: What ideals do we strive towards as an organisation? Responsibility, discretion, respect, collegiality... Each one of our hospital employees tests every action he or she performs against this, every day.

Our core values

Good governance

Good governance

Thanks to the efforts of the founding congregations, physicians, administrators and staff, Maria Middelares General Hospital has been able to grow into a modern and contemporary organisation. It goes without saying that sound corporate governance is one of the necessary conditions for making correct and carefully considered decisions in a hospital of this size.

With its ‘good governance charter’, Maria Middelares General Hospital first and foremost wants to provide for transparency regarding the set of rules, guidelines and practices that determine the way in which our hospital is managed, directed and controlled. At the same time, this charter seeks to illuminate the relationships between the hospital and its many stakeholders and the way in which strategic or operational objectives are determined. In doing so, we always keep our core values and our social mission in mind, in particular the provision of high-quality patient care.

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