Maria Middelares in a nutshell (figures, strategic objectives, values, patient experience, etc.)

Our non-profit organisation comprises four clinical sites: Ghent, Deinze, Aalter and Ghent-Bruges. In addition, the non-profit organisation is currently starting up a logistics and facilities platform in Nazareth (De Prijkels).

In our continuous pursuit of quality-assured expert care, friendliness and a quality patient experience are essential factors.

An overview of our medical specialisms can be found under the care services.

  • +400 physicians
  • +2.500 employees
  • +150 volunteers
  • +700 beds classic hospitalisations
  • +100 beds day hospital
  • +35.000 classic hospitalisations per year
  • +55.000 admissions per year
  • +2.500 births

Our sites

The non-profit organization Maria Middelares consists of four clinical sites: Ghent, Deinze, Aalter, Gentbrugge. In addition, the non-profit organization is currently busy starting up a logistics and facility platform in Nazareth (De Prijkels).

Strategic objectives

Quality assured value-driven care

Realising value-driven care or value-based health care is a priority. Multi- and interdisciplinary consultation, with close involvement of the patient and family, is paramount. Our daily efforts are focused on improving the quality of care and enhancing the patient experience, with special attention to the affordability of care. Every patient can count on quality-assured health care. We pay attention to all patient needs.

High-tech expert care, innovation and testing

You can come to us for general and specific high-tech expert care. We are constantly adapting both areas to align with the latest scientific developments.

Stimulating work environment

The personal commitment of all our physicians and staff determines our quality of care. We all work together on the development of a stimulating working environment.

Integrated care

The increasing complexity of care requires an integrated approach. The targeted implementation of technology us collaborate with other care providers beyond the walls of (health care) organisations and facilitates a smooth information exchange. We are committed to 'connected care' to ensure continuity of care for all of our patients.

Strategic partnerships

It is important to look beyond your own way of doing things. We therefore pursue strategic partnerships in order to measurably improve quality.

Sustainable and financially sound

Only a sustainable and financially sound organisation can achieve our quality goals. We take care of this in consultation with physicians and employees.

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We look back on a centuries-long tradition of health care, during which we have evolved into an innovative organisation where patient experience and quality take center stage.

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Our core values

Our staff are committed to putting Compassionate Care into practice every day. Together, we are building a committed organisation, where every patient feels enveloped by care.

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Hospital experience

Hospital experience

Together, we are working towards an environment where patients, visitors and staff feel comfortable. Several working groups (e.g. patient empowerment, art in the hospital) actively contribute to this.

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