Maria Middelares General Hospital in a nutshell (figures, strategic objectives, values, patient experience, etcetera)

Maria Middelares, a non-proft organisation, is an innovative hospital in the green outskirts of Ghent. In our continuous pursuit of quality-assured expert care, friendliness and a quality patient experience are essential factors. Our modern hospital has a high-tech infrastructure and cutting-edge latest medical equipment.

At the Maria Middelares Medical Centre of Ghent-Bruges, you will find an outpatient clinic that offers almost all medical specialist areas. There is also an artificial kidney department (low care) and a radiology department.

  • +230 physicians
  • +1.850 employees
  • +110 volunteers
  • +640 beds
  • 75,000 admissions
  • +2.000 births
  • 24 high-tech operating theatres

Strategic objectives

High-tech expert care, innovation and testing

You can come to us for general and specific high-tech expert care. We are constantly adapting both areas to align with the latest scientific developments.

Quality-assured health care

Every patient can count on quality-assured health care. We pay attention to all patient needs.

Stimulating work environment

The personal commitment of all our physicians and staff determines our quality of care. We all work together on the development of a stimulating working environment.

Cooperation with primary care providers

Constructive cooperation with general practitioners ensures the best healthcare. To this end, we jointly develop patient-oriented quality projects.

Strategic partnerships

It is important to look beyond your own way of doing things. We therefore pursue strategic partnerships with the aim of measurably improving quality.

Financially healthy and sustainable

Only a financially healthy and sustainable organisation can achieve our quality objectives. We take care of this in consultation with physicians and employees.

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Maria Middelares General Hospital looks back on its centuries-long tradition in healthcare that has led to today’s innovative hospital where the patient’s experience comes first.

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Our core values

Maria Middelares General Hospital’s mission can be expressed succinctly in the motto ‘CompassionateCare’. This is what we stand for as a hospital, this is what we want to achieve.

In addition, we translate our mission into the core values of our hospital: What ideals do we strive towards as an organisation? Responsibility, discretion, respect, collegiality... Each one of our hospital employees tests every action he or she performs against this, every day.

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Hospital experience

Hospital experience

During the design and realisation of our new building, a great deal of attention was paid to an 'experience', for patients, visitors and our own staff.

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