Maria Middelares non-profit organisation is Top Employer 2024

On Thursday 18 January, the non-profit organisation Maria Middelares received news from the Top Employers Institute that our hospitals may call themselves Top Employer for the second year in a row. The certificate is an international recognition of our ongoing commitment to raising our profile as an excellentemployer.

To achieve the title, our hospitals took part in a survey, accompanied by screening and an audit. Key themes here were training, onboarding, corporate culture, leadership strategy, innovation, working environment, diversity & inclusion and internal communication.

Herbert Lecomte, director of human resources and administration: "We are pleased to be awarded for our efforts once again this year. The certificate rewards us for our strengths as an employer, with suggestions on how to optimise our HR policy even further. Our employees are the driving force behind this certification, and we remain committed to your growth every day. As of 1 January, we have become one powerful non-profit organisation, which can strive even more strongly for the wellbeing of all employees."