Maria Middelares General Hospital has been jointly involved in setting up a number of charities and actively supports these through fundraising and sharing of knowledge and expertise.

Support Maria Middelares General Hospital

Support Maria Middelares General Hospital

Since the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic and the stricter government guidelines coming into force, Maria Middelares General Hospital is making every effort to make long-term adjustments to its operation. The current crisis demands a high degree of commitment and flexibility from our doctors and employees.

Any support to improve patients’ experiences and to help support our colleagues is welcome. We are grateful for any donation you feel able to make by transfer to account number BE55 2900 3871 5044, citing the reference ‘Corona’. This will allow us to continue to provide our patients with the quality care they have come to expect from us.

Back on Track

Back on Track
Annual cycle to support Back on Track

In late 2014, elite athlete Thomas Van Der Plaetsen was diagnosed with cancer. In cooperation with our hospital, where Thomas was treated and monitored, he set up the Back on Track Foundation.

The Foundation aims to reduce the burden of cancer treatment as much as possible by supporting patients through additional psychosocial support, rehabilitation programmes and other initiatives.

Hospital for Hospital: Katako-Kombe

Hospital for Hospital: Katako-Kombe
Visiting Katako-Kombe

Maria Middelares General Hospital supports the ‘Hospital for Hospital’ Project run by Memisa, an NGO. This organisation aims to establish high-quality, long-term basic healthcare, chiefly in Central and West Africa and India.

Our hospital has entered into a partnership with a hospital in Katako-Kombe (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Thanks to this support, the hospital is growing fast. It has now become the pilot hospital for the entire region and is developing into a training centre for physicians and midwives.

Your event or project to support Katako-Kombe

Would you like to support Katako-Kombe and make a difference?

  • Organise a fundraising event for Katako-Kombe.
  • Create a birth registry in support of Katako-Kombe.
  • Replace gifts for your own celebration with gifts in support of our partner hospital.

For each gift of €40.00, the donor will receive a certificate making the gift tax deductible. In 2020, the government is giving social profit organisations a helping hand with an extra tax reduction (60% instead of 45%).

Katako-Kombe diary

Rik Neirynck worked for 35 years as occupational therapist in the then Sint-Jozef Clinic in Ghent-Bruges (now: Maria Middelares Medical Centre) and travelled to Katako-Kombe eight times. In his diary titled 'Ils vont là où même les moustiques sont sauvages' or ‘To where the mosquitos are still wild’, he tells about his experiences as technical volunteer in the healthcare field. Rik provides information that is rarely included in descriptions of healthcare in developing nations. The book is written in Dutch, it is only the title that is in French.

The profits go to Katako-Kombe. More information and information on how you can order the book can be found below.

Scharnier (non-profit)

Scharnier (non-profit)

The Scharnier (‘hinge’) non-profit organisation is the link – thehinge, if you will – between the dialysis team, the kidney disease patients (haemodialysis patients, peritoneal dialysis patients as well as kidney transplant patients) and their families or loved ones. Naturally, the dialysis department remains the home base for patients, where they can always seek advice and guidance either by themselves or together with their families.

By organising a variety of activities, Scharnier aims to support and enhance solidarity between kidney disease patients, family members and the dialysis team.