Prenatal classes

Prenatal classes


Midwife: What happens during labour and how do you deal with the pain?
Physiotherapist: breathing exercises and postures during contractions.

Midwife: What is the birth process like?
Physiotherapist: pushing techniques, pushing positions and breathing while pushing

Feeding the baby
Midwife: breastfeeding and feeding positions
Physiotherapist: general exercises

The maternity period
Midwife: learning about life with a new baby and your new family situation
Physiotherapist: massage techniques

Are you expecting a baby? And you would like to prepare yourself as well as possible for this special event? Then register for our prenatal class series. One of our midwives will give instruction on four topics (labour, giving birth, feeding your baby and the maternity period), and a physiotherapist will show you how to do specific exercises.

During these sessions, we emphasise the importance of growing up in a smoking-free environment for your child. We will also explain a bit about our partnership with a hospital in Katako-Kombe, the Congo.

The prenatal classes consist of five sessions to prepare you as well as possible for the birth.

Start dates

The classes are held every Tuesday for four weeks.

You may choose from three different class times:

  • 6pm - 8pm
  • 7pm - 9pm
  • 8pm - 10pm

Classes start punctually.

Registration and participation fee

Classes will be in an online format for the foreseeable. Pre-registration is mandatory. Register preferably before week 25 of your pregnancy.
A maximum of ten couples can attend per group.

The fee is €35.00 for the full series, regardless of attendance. You will receive an invoice from the hospital after the classes have ended.

Register for prenatal classes
You can register by telephone on +32 (0)9 246 99 00 from Monday to Friday (8am - 6pm).

Information evening on giving birth - virtual tour

Information evening on giving birth - virtual tour

Due to the coronavirus situation, our information evenings are currently cancelled.

Our virtual tour may be helpful for answering any questions you might have. To give you more confidence in giving birth and your maternity period, our hospital has developed a virtual tour at The tour is fully tuned to the needs of future parents.

You can follow the entire process of having a baby in our hospital. Recommended! The virtual tour walks you through getting from the A&E Department to the Delivery Unit. You will be able to see several of the delivery rooms. You will also be able to see several rooms in the Maternity Unit, and visit the Neonatal Unit. The virtual tour is narrated and comes complete with explanations provided by several physicians and other staff members. Extra information is available in the form of pop-ups.

See the Delivery Unit, the Maternity Unit and Neonatal Unit of Maria Middelares General Hospital here.

Information evening about pregnancy - given by ‘Child and Family’

Information evening about pregnancy - given by ‘Child and Family’

The information evenings have been cancelled for the foreseeable due to the coronavirus situation. Please see the ‘Child and Family’ website for all their information, where you can register for ‘My Pregnancy’, sign up to receive the pregnancy newsletter or subscribe to the pregnancy magazine.