Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, tours are cancelled for now.

Interested in finding out how a hospital operates?
You can apply for a tour of Maria Middelares General Hospital to gain a unique view of the hospital behind the screens.



During the tour, the children will learn about the hospital as a kind of ‘village’. They will discover the many professions that work together as one large team. Not just the physicians and nurses, but also the chef, the cleaners, the electricians, etc.

Class visits are open to students from the 3rd year (8-9 years old) upwards. We adjust the programme to the age and interests of the group. Each class will receive an educational folder for further work at school.

Tours start at 1.30pm and last approximately 1.5 hours.

Groups (adults)

Groups (adults)

Tours last 2 hours and always include the following:

  • a welcome and refreshments
  • visit to several medical-technical departments and/or wards
  • and/or visit of care wards

If desired, we will adjust the programme to the group’s interests.

Practical information

Practical information
  • We do not conduct tours in December, July or August.
  • The number of visits is limited. Make sure you book in time: at least two months and up to six months in advance
  • The number of participants per group is a minimum of ten and maximum of 30 people.
  • During our tours, we respect the privacy of our patients. This means that a planned visit to a ward may be cancelled at the last minute.