Internship opportunity

Internship opportunity

As a student, internships bring you into contact with professional life early on. You get a taste of the daily reality of the job and you have the opportunity to learn specific skills and attitudes.

Maria Middelares General Hospital has many internship opportunities available in various departments for people from different backgrounds.

Every year, we offer some 900 traineeships for nurses, paramedics, trainee physicians, logistics and support staff, etc. To this end, our hospital has internship agreements with various universities, colleges and secondary schools.

Due to the numerous regular internship applications related to vocational training, the hospital does not offer opportunities for social work placements and reflection days.

Every year we offer no less than 900 internship placements

Internship tracks (video)

Internship tracks (video)

You can complete an internship at several departments of our hospital. See below for videos in which our Head nurses introduce you to their departments.

Application procedure

Application procedure

Check first with your university/school if there is an agreement with our hospital. If there is a cooperation agreement, the internship application will be made by the education institute concerned. If there is no cooperation agreement, you must apply for your internship using the application form below.

This form is only available in Dutch.

Stageplaats aanvragen

Een stageplaats kan je aanvragen via onderstaand formulier (enkel indien er geen samenwerkingsovereenkomst is met het opleidingsinstituut).

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