Welcome reception

Welcome reception

Before you can start an internship, you must attend a compulsory ‘Welcome Reception for interns/students’. During this reception, several practical aspects of your internship will be dealt with and you will be shown around the hospital.

This welcome reception is held weekly on Thursday evenings. There are usually three sessions to choose from (5-5.45pm, 6-6.45 pm, 7-7.45 pm), depending on the number of registrations. During the holidays, the welcome reception is held in the morning.

Pre-registration is compulsory.

Register here for a reception

During this event, you will get to know Maria Middelares General Hospital and you can ask questions about the practical side of your internship.

NOTE: You can only start your internship once you have completed the e-Learning course, the administrative side is in order, you have attended the welcome reception and you have received your personal badge.

Registration for the welcome reception of the current week closes every Monday evening. If you register afterwards, you can attend the welcome reception but will have to return to pick up your badge and you can only start your internship on Tuesday (instead of Monday).

Check here for the various dates of the welcome receptions.

Department-related information leaflets

An information leaflet is available for each department. You will find a lot of information in it: contact details, possible learning objectives, common kinds of illness ... and so on.

The information leaflet is intended as an initial introduction to your department / service area.

Risk analysis and workstation sheets

Risk analysis and workstation sheets

Also, be sure to read the sheet relating to the work area and risk factors of the department where your internship will take place.

Carry a copy of the completed (name + department) and signed risk analysis and workplace sheet with you at all times during your internship. You may be asked to show the document at any time by an HR employee or a manager.

Badges and dosimeters

Badges and dosimeters

Trainees/students need a badge to obtain access to the changing rooms and the nursing stations. Badge rules are explained to students during the welcome reception.

A dosimeter is required if your internship is in the operation area or radiology department.

You have to fill in a form to request a dosimeter directly.

Request your dosimeter here