Organisation chart

Board of Directors and General Meeting

The members of the Board of Directors are:

Prof. Pascal Verdonck, Chairman
Ms Klara Bessemans
Prof. Ingrid Boone
Ms Katalien Dendooven
Mr Filip Dossche
Mr Paul d'Otreppe
Notary Christof Gheeraert
Mr Frank Lippens
Mr Koen Michiels
Mr Tom Roelants
Ms Dominique Roodhooft
Prof. Stijn Van den Bossche
Prof. Johan Veeckman
Mr Toon Vermeersch

The members of the General Meeting are the members of the Board of Directors along with:

Mr Francis Ampe
Professor Notary Jan Bael
Ms Francine Bernaert
E.Z. Nadine Buckens
Prof. Luk Cannoodt
Attorney Paul Cooreman
Mr Tonny De Bouvrie
Ms Christine Deleersnyder
Mr Frank Donckers
Mr Edward Forrier
Dr Luc Huyghe
Mr Paul Mattys
Mr Paul Meganck
Mr Karel Mortier
E.H. André Peereboom
Mr Etienne Rohaert
Mr Bernard Simoens
Mr Dirk Steverlynck
Mr Paul Van Beveren
Mr Ivan Van Cauwenberghe
Mr Jan Vanhouteghem
Mr Ferdinand Verdonck

Medical board

What is it?

The medical board is an advisory body that gives hospital physicians a say and involves them in policy decisions. The members are elected from and by the hospital physicians and they represent the medical staff of the hospital. Their mandate is for three years.

The medical board strives for good cooperation between the hospital, GPs and other hospital employees. Scientific research is stimulated.


The medical board of Maria Middelares General Hospital consists of the following members:

Chairman: Dr Filip Ameye
Deputy Chairman: Dr Henk Vanoverschelde
Secretary: Dr Erik Vanderstraeten
Treasurer: Dr Judith Vermeiren

Medical Board secretariat:

Ethical committee

What is it?

The ethical committee of Maria Middelares General Hospital has an evaluatory, guiding, advisory and supporting role (see also the Royal Decree of 12 August 1994).

  1. A decisive mission with regard to all protocols concerning experiments on humans and on reproductive human material (Law of 7 May 2004 'Law on experiments on the human person').
  2. A guiding and advisory commission with regard to the ethical aspects of hospital care

Do you have questions regarding the ethical committee’s assessment of and advice about a study?
Please contact Annette Neirynck, Ethics Committee Staff Member.


The members of the ethical committee of Maria Middelares General Hospital are:


Works Council

What is it?

The law of 20 September 1948 on the organisation of the business community governs the establishment of works councils in all companies employing 100 employees. The works council is first and foremost a consultative body between the employer and the employees' representatives. As a bipartisan body, the council shall be composed of:

  • the head of the organisation and the delegates appointed by her or him;
  • the employee representatives, elected every four years by the company employees.


The members of the Maria Middelares General Hospital Works Council are:

  • Mr Christophe Mouton (Chair)
  • Ms Katty Lebeuf (Secretary)
  • Mr Frederik Coussée (Vice-Chair)
  • Mr Jan Blontrock
  • Mr Peter Dierickx
  • Ms Kristien Mestdagh
  • Mr Piet Van Hoecke
  • Ms Isabelle De Cloet
  • Ms Laila Valschaerts
  • Ms Carine De Temmerman
  • Ms Marina De Duytsche
  • Ms Lieve Van Wettere
  • Ms Linda Van Huffel
  • Ms Jacqueline De Meyer
  • Ms Brenda De Geeter
  • Ms Iris Dejaeghere