During the design and realisation of our new building, a great deal of attention was paid to an 'experience', for patients, visitors and our own staff.


All the rooms in our new building were fitted with long, floor-flush windows. This allows for optimal contact with the outside world. Green accents were placed everywhere on our campus. We also use natural materials as much as possible.


We placed a grand piano in our atrium so as to create a more homely, warmer feeling in the high-tech context of our hospital. Employees, patients and visitors alike can play on it (some guidelines can be found in the video below).


Maria Middelares General Hospital firmly believes that an attractive environment has a positive impact on how our patients, visitors and staff experience our hospital. In keeping with this, we have had an art work group since the end of 2016. Its members come from different departments of our hospital; our pharmaceutical director is the Chair. They meet regularly to discuss art requests from external parties and to develop their own projects. For example, they organise exhibitions in our hospital corridors, photography competitions, art auctions ...

In addition, the work group also ensures appropriate decoration of our atrium so that we can always give our visitors a warm welcome.

Art auction with works by people with dementia as part of the Warmest Week.


Do you need a moment of rest or reflection during your stay at Maria Middelares General Hospital? You are always welcome to visit the quiet room in the atrium or the chapel of the hospital (second floor).

During your visit to the chapel, the hospital pastor can join you in your search for new insights or perspectives, while respecting your personal convictions. In this prayer room, simplicity and transcendence are the keys. Moreover, the chapel with its authentic materials and golden section proportions is also a silent homage to the Cistercian culture and its nuns, who have been working in this hospital since the 13th century.

The silent space in the atrium
The chapel on the second floor

It is possible to attend a weekly (Friday) Eucharist celebration in the chapel. This celebration is also broadcast on info channel 2 on your television in your room. A moment of reflection is also broadcast on the same channel, on Tuesdays at 9.45am.