Dosimeter request

A dosimeter is a device that measures exposure to certain radiations to prevent you from being overexposed in case of faulty equipment, for example.

Does your internship in the A&E department, operating theatre or medical imaging (radiology) department last more than one week?

Thenapply for your dosimeter with the form below. Apply at least two weeks before your internship starts, as this is requested from an external company.

In exchange for a 20-euro deposit (exact amount in cash), you can collect the dosimeter from the welfare and development department (3rd floor, past the human resources department).

Return it here on your last internship day. If no one is present, you can deposit your dosimeter in an envelope in the mailbox of the welfare and development department, stating your name, first name and account number. The amount will then be refunded.

Please note: if you do not return the dosimeter, you will be charged for it.

This form is only available in Dutch.

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