If you were admitted for coronary dysfunction, heart failure or cardiac surgery, you will be invited by the cardiologist to participate in our Heart Rehabilitation Programme. This programme involves care providers from different disciplines who want to help you resume your work and hobbies as soon as possible. Through the Heart Rehabilitation Programme, we also want to motivate you to adopt a healthier life style with more exercise, a healthy diet, less stress and we want to motivate you to give up smoking. This way, you can reduce the risk of new heart problems.

Inpatient phase

To be able to start the Outpatient Rehabilitation Programme, an application to do so needs to be submitted during your hospital stay. The paperwork is completed by the physical therapist or social assistant who visits you in your room. Upon discharge, you will receive an appointment for the first rehabilitation session. You already start doing light exercises in your room.

Outpatient phase

The Outpatient Rehabilitation Programme consists of 45 sessions, which can be organised according to your needs (within a period of six months). The Heart Rehabilitation Programme not only ensures an improvement of exercise capacity, but it also includes a preventative approach in relation to the risk factors.

You can avail yourself of volunteer-run transport to the rehabilitation session if you are not able or allowed to drive and you do not have anybody to drive you. The Social Service representative can help you to arrange this. With a transport certificate, you are also eligible for partial compensation from the mutual insurance fund.