Different locations

Different locations

Our physicians hold consultations at several sites.

You can schedule an appointment on the various sites. Always check your appointment confirmation carefully to see at which location you have your appointment.

Would you like an appointment for one of the following locations? First, log on to the e-kiosk with your electronic identity card e-ID.

  • Ghent - Maria Middelares General Hospital
  • St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze
  • Ghent-Bruges - Maria Middelares Medical Centre
  • Aalter Medical Centre
At other locations, approach the secretariat:
  • Ghent Outpatients Clinic
  • Evergem Outpatients Clinic
  • Merelbeke Outpatients Clinic

What you need to bring

What you need to bring
  • Electronic identification card
  • GP referral letter (if applicable)
  • Medication sheet: make a list of the medication you are already taking, with the name of the medication and the daily dose. You may use the form below for this. Feel free to take a photo of the packaging with your phone.

Course of the consultation

Course of the consultation

For your comfort, we try to group the various tests or examinationsduring the consultation.

A consultation usually consists of the following:

Prepare for your conversation with the physician:

  • write down all your questions in advance
  • and make sure to check, during the consultation, what the dose is of the prescribed medications, how you should take them and how long for.

The cardiologist may decide that more extensive tests are necessary. This will be discussed with you during the consultation. You can schedule appointments for these tests with the secretarial staff after the consultation.



For consultations in Aalter, Deinze, Ghent or Ghent-Bruges, you will receive an invoice from the hospital. This will usually take one to two months after your appointment.

If you visit one of our outpatient clinics at another location for a consultation, then you can pay using Bancontact at the secretariat.