Heart Centre

Heart Centre

Departments and specialist areas

At the Maria Middelares Heart Centre, cardiologists, cardio-surgeons and anaesthetists join forces. We offer nearly all modern diagnostic and therapeutic options. Our physicians receive expert support from a multidisciplinary team of assistants, outpatients clinic and cardiac catheterisation nurses, heart failure nurses, the study coordinator and medical secretariats. They all contribute to the smooth running of our services. By working closely together and in consultation with the various care providers involved, we strive to provide high-quality continuous follow-up care.

Our clinicians have extensive experience in performing technical procedures. The many complex procedures guarantee optimum quality.

We also contribute to the following:

  • teaching and training cardiology assistant physicians and rehabilitation physicians
  • scientific research
  • sharing information and expertise with referring physicians and GPs by organising symposia and continuing professional development

The Maria Middelares Heart Centre was established in 1992 and focuses on collaboration, both within the hospital and externally.

Our advantages

  • 2,000 cardiac catheterisation procedures
  • 600 heart surgeries
  • 250 pacemaker and defibrillator implantations