Reporting complaints

The physicians, nurses and staff at our hospitals are committed to ensuring excellent, professional services each and every day. Unfortunately, things sometimes do not go according to plan. We recommend that you first discuss this directly with the physician, nurse or employee involved. It may be that, with a small effort on their part, they can meet your expectations, respond to your comment or resolve a misunderstanding.

Unable to reach a joint solution? Do you prefer to report your concerns in person and in confidence? Or are you not sure who to direct your concerns to? In that case, contact the ombudsperson service.

A complaint is a non-anonymous expression of dissatisfaction or discontent about the care process or patient care framework in the hospital. In case of a complaint, you have specific expectations regarding our hospitals and/or our staff.

Your opinion is important

Complaints procedure

You will receive verbal or written confirmation that your complaint has been received. The ombudsman listens to your complaint (report), mediates between the parties involved and tries to restore communication between the two parties. The ombudsman helps the parties involved to reach a solution. Without taking sides on behalf of the complainant or the care provider/employee, the ombudsman maintains strict neutrality and impartiality throughout the process. If a resolution cannot be reached, you will be informed of possible further steps. Complaint reports will be dealt with within a reasonable time.

Report your complaint

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Your feedback is important to help us improve our care.

Maria Middelares General Hospital is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). You can also contact them directly via this link.