The Geriatrics Department of Maria Middelares General Hospital can be described as a senior-friendly hospital environment that strives to provide high-quality care and services to older people in need of care.

The interdisciplinary staff work closely together with this goal in mind. The team consists of geriatric specialists, nurses, speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, psychologists, staff from the care support department, Social Services staff, Pastoral Care Service, cleaning staff, volunteers and others.


Maria Middelares General Hospital – level 6, Gate D601, rooms 6101 – 6120 – level 6, Gate D602, rooms 6201 – 6222 – level 6, Gate D603, rooms 6301 – 6320


Each of the various nursing stations has its own number, which you may use at any time to contact staff:


Niet-geriatrische afdeling

Team interne liaison

Het interdisciplinaire team van interne liason bestaat uit een geriater, een geriatrisch verpleegkundige, een logopedist, een ergotherapeut, een diëtist en een psycholoog. Ze volgen patiënten met een geriatrisch zorgprofiel op een niet-geriatrische afdeling. Hun adviserende functie heeft als doel de zorg aan de oudere zorgvrager te optimaliseren.

At the day hospital, geriatric patients are able to schedule same-day tests or consultations.

You may read everything here about the day hospital for the geriatric patient.

Patient education


The 'Cognufit!’ Programme offers four-hour-sessions, during which practical tips that have been tailored to the individual are offered to people with memory problems and their caregivers.

All important information about ‘Cognufit!’ can be found in the leaflet provided below.