What is the Geriatric Day Hospital?

Elderly patients can access our day hospital for customised care in a senior-friendly environment. We arrange for several consultations, tests, therapies, rehabilitation measures and prevention advice to be completed in one day spent in the day hospital. By combining tests on one day, elderly patients no longer need to travel to the hospital several times, thus shortening hospitalisation periods. Complete the application form for your patient here.

A multidisciplinary team is ready to care for you at the Geriatric Day Hospital. The team members include geriatric nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dietitians, psychologists, physical therapists, and social workers, among others. They all work together under the direction of the geriatric patients. Each treatment is performed as much as possible in consultation with the attending or referring physician.

You can come to us for follow-up care and/or support:

  • technical tests
  • geriatric evaluation
  • cognitive evaluation/neuropsychological testing
  • functional evaluation
  • pre-operative evaluation
  • second opinion on surgery, admission to a residential care centre...
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation Programme (Cognufit)
  • other treatments (transfusions, wound care, aclasta)
  • social evaluation and advice
  • minor technical, medical or nursing treatments such as the replacement of a cystofix

How do I register at the Geriatric Day Hospital?

Your GP will contact our team at the Geriatric Day Hospital using the request form below in order for you to be able to book an appointment. The nurse will contact you afterwards and provide you with the necessary information.

Geriatric Day Hospital request form

Where is the testing performed?

Upon arriving at the Maria Middelares General Hospital, please register with the Admissions Department. You will given more information about how to go to the Geriatric Day Hospital on the second floor (gate D). The nurse will wait for you at department D202. If necessary, you will receive a meal during you day admission.

What you need to bring:

  • Identification card
  • Referral letter from the general practitioner, if applicable
  • Medication sheet: make a list of the medication you are already taking, with the name of the medication and the daily dose. You can use the form below. Feel free to take a picture of the packaging with your cell phone.