The nose and the nasal sinuses form a complex system that can be the site where various conditions develop. Think of nasal congestion, a runny nose, mucous that drips from the nose, coughing, headache, pressure in the forehead, bridge of the nose or upper jaw, and even dental pain.

Conditions of the nose and sinuses

Nose conditions are quite varied. The conditions are often quite bothersome, but fortunately, not serious. Sometimes, there is a more serious underlying disease.

Which conditions are the most common?

Allergy to inhaled substancesNasal obstruction
Loss of smellNasal septum deviation
Nasal polyps (nasal polyposis)Mucosal inflammation in the sinuses
Nose bleedsCommon cold
Nose fracture

Diagnosis and treatment

Depending on the diagnosis given, there is usually a specific treatment for each nose and/or sinus problem. The treatment may consist of medication, some anti-allergy measures or a surgical procedure in the hospital.

An overview of the most common treatments:

Endoscopic procedures on the sinusesProcedures for nasal polyps
Laparoscopy of the nose (nasal endoscopy)Nasal septum correction
Nose correction