Conditions in children

Some conditions and treatments are common among children. We are happy to provide you wtih more information.

Acute middle ear infectionsNose bleeds
Protruding earsTonsil infection
Allergy to inhaled substancesEnlarged adenoids
Glue ear

Diagnosis and treatment

Treating children consists primarily of:

Placing eartubesTonsil removal
Adenoid removal

Education video 'Marie and her sick ears'

To prepare young children (aged 3-6) for their stay in hospital, we created the story of Marie with her 'little sick ears'. The entire process from preparation at home to her departure from the hospital is covered. Dr Yann Vandormael and illustrator Liesbet Siegers (known for, among other, the book series about Karel, Kaatje, Rik and Sam) collaborated on this project together.