The ear is a complex system and can give rise to various symptoms, such as hearing loss, deafness, ear drainage, ear pain, ringing in the ears...

Ear and hearing disorders

Ear disorders are very diverse. The disorders are often quite bothersome, but fortunately, not serious. Sometimes, there is a more serious underlying disease.

What are these disorders?

Acute middle ear infectionsMastoiditis
Double hearing (autophony)Ear wax
Protruding earsRinging in the ears (tinnitus)
Bridge Angle TumourCalcifications in the middle or inner ear (otosclerosis)
Chronic middle ear infections (cholesteatoma)Sudden deafness
Pressure in the earEardrum perforation
Balance organ inflammationExternal ear infection
Hearing lossMénière's disease
Loose ear crystals

Diagnosis and treatment

Depending on the diagnosis, there is usually a specific treatment for each ear and/or hearing problem. The treatment may consist of medication, an adjustment of a medical hearing device or a surgical procedure performed in the hospital.

An overview of the most common treatments:

Cochlear implantsStirrup operation (stapedotomy)
Hearing testTinnitus advice
Hearing aidsEar tubes
Closing a perforated eardrum