Symptoms and causes


In most cases, pressure in the ear is attributable to:

  • problems near the Eustachian tube (e.g. allergy, sinusitis, colds)
  • muscle tension of the mastication and/or neck muscles

Diagnosis and treatment


Problems near the Eustachian tube (e.g. allergy, sinusitis and colds) are treated with anti-inflammatories or an ear tube.

We treat muscle tension with typhysical therapy mpanic patching and physical therapy. Tympanic patching is performed in the consult room and involves applying a patch to adjust the stiffness of part of the eardrum.
Read more here about a scientific study about this method.

Treatment centres and specialisations

Ear, nose, and throat diseases

Latest publication date: 11/08/2021
Supervising author: Dr Vermeiren Judith