Symptoms and causes

What is it?

The enlarged adenoids are in the very back portion of the nose. This is commonly known as ‘polyps’. In young children, these enlarged adenoids play a role in the body's defence mechanisms (e.g. immune system).


Adenoids that are too large can cause nasal congestion, open-mouth breathing or snoring. In addition, they form a hotbed for bacteria and virusses, which leads to recurrent infections (e.g. ear infections). They can also interfere with the Eustachian tube, whith chronic middle ear problems as a result.

Diagnosis and treatment


The diagnosis can be made through direct visualisation with nasal endoscopy during the consult or an X-ray image.

If indicated, your physician can remove the adenoids (adenotomy) under short-acting general anaesthesia. A nasal spray with a strong local anti-inflammatory (cortisone) may also be started.

Treatment centres and specialisations

Latest publication date: 11/08/2021