This information is provided for physicians and care providers.

How do I refer?

For diagnosis

You make a diagnosis and request a specific treatment. This could be for an epidural (transforaminal) injection (cervical, thoracic, lumbar), a facet injection or a test block of the nerves or facet joints. We ask that you indicate the level and the correct side (left, right, or bilateral), and that you indicate how many times (once, twice, or three times) that you would like the treatment performed. The patient comes after the treatments have been completed for your evaluation.

For questions

if you have not made a diagnosis, of if you have doubts about which treatment would be best for your patient, it is best to first schedule a consultation. It is important that the patient bring any tests, such as CT, NMR, bone scan, EMG, etc. to the consultation. We can then take a medical history, do a clinical examination, and, with the information provided by the technical tests, can propose a treatment (pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical). For highly specific interventional pain treatments, such as radio frequency treatment for a Gasserian ganglion, hypogastric blocks, coeliac plexus permanent blocks, which will need a scheduled consultation.

Practical information

It is important to know that patients do not need to be fasting, unless otherwise specified. Patients who are going to have a treatment done will need to have a driver for medical-legal reasons.

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