How can you get a referral to the Pain Centre?

For all treatments, make sure to bring the referral letter from your GP or the referring specialist. If a CT scan, NMR, bone scan, EMG or other tests were already performed (not at Maria Middelares General Hospital), we recommend that you bring the results with you.

Course of the admission

Make sure to arrive 20 minutes before the appointed time. Bring your identity card, referral letter and recent radiology test results (if not performed at Maria Middelares General Hospital).

  • Check in at an e-kiosk in the atrium. You need your identity card to check in. You will then get a ticket with further instructions:
    • If it involves a treatment that falls under the hospital insurance, the ticket will have a number. Take a seat in the atrium waiting area and wait for your number or turn to be called. The person registering you will provide you with the necessary (admission) papers, labels and name band.
    • If it involves an outpatient treatment or consultation, your ticket will show that you need to check in at the check-in desk. There you will be given labels and a name band.
  • After you have checked in, take the lift or stairs to the first floor, gate G. Turn left at the top of the stairs. If taking the lift, turn left around the corner (follow the signs). Please check in at the secretariat and take a seat in the waiting room from where the nurse will collect you for the preparations.


Do you have diabetes or are you pregnant? Do you have any practical questions about taking medication, driving a vehicle, etc.?
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