Back on Track Foundation

The Back on Track Foundation was founded by decathaloner Thomas van der Plaetsen together with the Maria Middelares Hospital in order to support cancer patients and their family.

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Villa Zomernest

Villa Vomernest is an open house in Sint Martens for people who currently have cancer and who have had cancer.

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The Majin House

The Majin House is a meeting place in the center of Ghent for people with cancer.

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Wag Against Cancer

This project matches a cancer patient with a volunteer and a dog. They usually come to a patient's house several (at least three) times.


Distraction, a moment that does not have anything to do with being sick. A relaxing walk and a pleasant experience that you share with an empathetic volunteer and a sweet dog. This is the main goal of Wag Against Cancer. Movement, social engagement, greater well-being and empowerment are other goals that this project addresses.


The volunteers are selected, educated and trained on how to correctly accompany people with cancer. As a volunteer, you will be personally supervised and monitored. Volunteers receive a detailed home visit and a reimbursement for expenses.


The dogs that are taken into homes as part of this project are social and people-oriented. Volunteers can bring their own dog if the dog is suitable for this purpose, or the volunteers can be matched with a dog from the KWSPL network. If patients have their own dog, this dog can be the focus of the home visit.


A visit by our volunteers is completely tailored to the patient's wishes and physical capabilities. Are you a patient who is able to take short or long walks? You decide the duration, frequency and number of visits. As a patient, you recevie this support completely free of charge.


Would you like to join this project as a volunteer or as a patient? Go to to enter your information. Questions or comments? Please send an e-mail to

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An iniative of Fight Against Cancer (Kom op tegen Kanker).