You will have contact with a very diverse team of care providers. By working close together and in consultation with the various care providers involved, we strive to provide continuous follow-up care, customised to each individual patient.

The medical team is only one part of the multidisciplinary Oncology Team at the Maria Middelares General Hospital. A group of experienced nurses, oncology coaches, psychologists, pharmacists, secretariat staff, dietitians, Pastoral Care Service, social workers and the Palliative Support Team work together closely with the physicians.


Depending on the type of tumour, the ICG works together with the physicians from various disciplines. An overview of the physicians involved, organised by discipline, is provided here:

The ICG Core Team consists of nine physicians. Our surgical specialists have extensive expertise and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and adhere to the most up-to-date international guidelines. Together with a network of paramedical specialists, they offer patient-oriented treatments.

Admitted physicians

The 'admitted physician-specialist' is not a permanent staff member at Maria Middelares General Hospital, but works on the basis of his or her expertise with the hospital to carry out specific treatments and procedures.

Assistant physician specialist

Lieselot Croes graduated from the University of Antwerp with a Master’s Degree in Molecular and Cellular Biomedical Sciences in 2012. She then completed her doctorate research in Medical Sciences (Oncology/Epigenetics). For her thesis titled ‘GSDME, from Tumour Suppressor Gene to Biomarker‘, she received the highest academic degree (PhD) in 2019 from the Antwerp Doctoral School (University of Antwerp). Since January 2020, she has worked at Maria Middelares General Hospital as an assistant physician specialist, where she supports Dr Vulsteke in scientific questions during consultations. In addition, since May 2020, she has given scientific guidance for the Clinical Study Department for Medical Oncology.

ICG secretariat

The secretariat is the first point of contact for the department that supports the physicians with administrative matters and books all required appointments for the patients at the day hospital and the Medical Oncology - Haematology Outpatients Clinic. The secretariat is open from Monday through Thursday, 8am - 6pm, and on Friday 8am - 4.30pm.

Nursing Day Hospital

The Oncology Day Hospital of Maria Middelares General Hospital is under the leadership of head nurse Matthias Verstrynge. More information is available at this link Oncology and Therapy Day Hospital

Oncology Care Ward

The Admissions Department for oncology consists of a team of experienced nurses who are ready to provide you with professional and high-quality care that is customised to the patient. Essentially all nurses complete additional continuing education and have a special professional title as ‘nurse specialist in oncology’. The Oncology Ward is under the leadership of head nurse Valerie Dierick. More information on the Oncology Ward page.

Psychosocial Support Team

Our support team offers you psychosocial support in all aspects of your care. Conversations and counselling can take place both during and after treatment and are free of charge. Several disciplines work together:

  • the oncology coach
  • the oncology psychologist
  • the oncology dietitian
  • the Pastoral Care Service
  • Social Services
  • the Palliative Care Support Team

You can always rely on our staff: for diagnosis, later on during treatment or after completing the treatment process. The various disciplines of the support team work together in a complementary way to provide individual support. More information and applicable contact information is given by patient support

Study Coordinators

The study coordinators expand the scientific activities from the various medical departments. It involves industry-led as well as academic research studies. An overview of the research study team and the ongoing studies are given under Clinical studies

Cancer registry - MOC

The MOC secretariat represents the organisation and administration of the MOC (multidisciplinary oncology consult). All information is processed from each MOC on a continuous basis and is forwarded annually to the Cancer Registration Foundation, who then arranges additional processing. The MOC secretariat also offers assistance and advice for current and new patients requesting MOC services. As part of our Oncology Care Programme, the MOC secretariat staff help personalise the oncology care for each patient.


Pharmacists are ready every day to prepare and dispense all medication in the hospital. Preparations for chemotherapy are carefully produced and according to the physician’s prescription in the pharmacy. Each preparation is made especially for the patient: weight, height and blood draw results are all taken into account. This preparation is done at a location with the appropriate accommodations. Pharmacists also comply with strict criteria regarding preparation sterility and safety. The quality of the chemotherapy preparation is the sole responsibility of the hospital pharmacist. You can find more information at the link Pharmacy

Speech therapy

The Speech Therapy Department pays particular attention to clinical path for oncology patients and their families. Continuous care, from admission to the home situation, is central. On one side, the department is able to diagnose and treat patients who have a language, speech and cognitive disorder due to a brain tumour. On the other hand, the Speech Therapy Department has strongly invested in a specialised approach to addressing swallowing, speech and voice problems with patients who have head or neck tumours. These patients often have oral, pharyngeal or laryngeal tumours and mouth-floor tumours. More information can be found at this link Speech Therapy

Movement Coaches / Physical Therapists

Because exercise is important during and after treatment, we offer individualised exercise programmes. Based on your personal goals, the physical therapists will provide you with an exercise programme that you can follow and work on at home. We conduct evaluations at regular intervals and adjust the programme, as necessary.

Paramedic ICG coordinator

Volunteer support persons

Evelyne, Machteld and Ann, as volunteers with a background in nursing, are excellently equipped to accompany people to the operating room. By lending their friendly presence and a listening ear, they are able to reduce a patient's stress and uncertainty. They are calming support persons during an major life event.

Volunteer Nursing Ward D501

The Fight Against Cancer (Kom op tegen Kanker) volunteers

The team with the Oncology Day Hospital is strengthened by a number of enthusiastic volunteers. They are recognisable by their red outfit. Their responsibilities consist of: guiding patients at the day hospital, or if you need someone to chat with or vent to, or even to sit and share a cup of coffee or tea, they are there to help. They work under the supervision of the supervising nurse, nursing staff, and the oncology coaches. If you have a question, please feel free to ask the volunteers. They will direct you to the right person.