• Brain tumours
  • Breast cancer
  • Gynaecological tumours
  • Head and neck tumours
  • Skin tumours
  • Solid tumours
  • Testicular tumours
  • Thyroid tumours
  • Urogenital tumours

Christof Vulsteke graduated with his Doctor of Medicine degree from Catholic University Louvain in 2007. He then started his specialist training in internal diseases, with a sub-specialisation in 2010 in medical oncology at Gasthuisberg Louvain University Hospital. He received the highest academic degree (PhD) from the Antwerp Doctoral School (University of Antwerp), with a thesis entitled ‘The impact of genetic variability on chemotherapy-induced toxicity and outcome in early breast cancer patients’.

Prof. Dr Christof Vulsteke is the coordinator for the Integrated Cancer Centre in Ghent (ICG) and is the head of the Clinical Research Department for Medical Oncology. He is an affiliated guest professor at the University of Antwerp (Centre for Oncology Research).

Publications: See LinkedIn for the complete list.

Additional certification

  • Doctorate in Medical Sciences (PhD)
  • People Manager (Vlerick Business School)

Additional responsibilities

  • Coordinator for Integrated Cancer Centre in Ghent (IKG)
  • Head of the Clinical Research Department for Medical Oncology
  • Guest professor at the University of Antwerp, Molecular Imaging Department, Pathology, Radiotherapy and Oncology (MIPRO), Research Group CORE (Centre of Oncological Research)
  • Chair of the Oncology Care Programme (Maria Middelares General Hospital – St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze)
  • Chair of the Multidisciplinary Oncology Commission (MCO)
  • Vice-chair of the Accreditation Commission for Medical Oncology

Research activities

Awards and achievements

  • Award for ‘Best Clinical Article 2013’, Fund for the Promotion of Internal Medicine, Prof. Dr W. Peetermans (Chair)
  • Award for the best scientific presentation at the annual BSMO symposium on 11 February 2012, Brussels
  • Merit Award 2012 from the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Chicago, Illinois
  • Press release: EBCC-8: ‘Understanding individual genetic variation can help predict chemotherapy side effects’.

Peer review

  • Member of The Lancet Peer Review Team


  • Belgian Society of Medical Oncology (BSMO)
  • Breast Cancer Task Force (BSMO)
  • Prostate Cancer Task Force (BSMO)
  • Renal Cancer Task Force (BSMO)
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
  • Belgian Gynaecological Oncology Group (BGOG)
  • European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancers (EORTC)
  • Gynaecological Cancers Group (EORTC)
  • Breast Cancer Group (EORTC)
  • Genito-Urinary Cancers Group (EORTC)
  • Melanoma Group (EORTC)
  • Impact of Neurotropenia in Chemotherapy – European Study Group (INC-EU)

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Maria Middelares General Hospital

Waiting room: Gate A, reception desk A0.01a
Consultation: By appointment

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