All patient information (e.g. monitoring, ventilation, anaesthesia cards, orders, medication prescriptions) has been systematically digitalised since 2015. The ICU uses a Patient Data Management System (PDMS), and the Pain Centre also documents all information electronically. With this digitalisation, all of our data can be deployed to demonstrably improve the quality of care, the main goal of our department.

To ensure and improve this quality-assured and value-driven care, a specialised team (the SQuaD Unit) has been formed that is dedicated to data analysis, quality monitoring and clinical studies. We, as a department, consider this quite important because we want to offer the patients the most innovative care by keeping up with the latest research developments.

The SQuaD Unit is responsible for:

  • data analysis, quality monitoring (e.g. patient satisfaction, vital signs monitoring in the recovery ward and pain scores).
  • Accessibility of clinical databases
  • Conducting in-house academic studies as well as industry-sponsored ones
  • Projects (e.g. implementation of COVID-19 telemonitoring)