Electronic communication

Electronic communication

What is that?

You can receive reports and notifications of admission and discharge in electronic form. The hospital uses Hector, Mediring as well as Medibridge/Medimail for this. As a GP, you only need to subscribe to one of these systems.

What data?

  • Laboratory reports, X-rays, APD and Nuclear Medicine
  • Letters written by any of our hospital departments
  • Notifications of admission and discharge: please specify explicitly if you wish this to be included


Are you registered with one of the three systems and do you want to receive data from our hospital in electronic form?

Complete the application form.

Need assistance?

Contact the Application Management Department.

Multidisciplinary Oncology Consultation (MOC)

Multidisciplinary Oncology Consultation (MOC)

A Multidisciplinary Oncology Consultation (MOC) is a meeting between different physicians and care providers to design optimum care plans for each cancer patient. Specialists from the disciplines involved examine all tests and examination results, and then they discuss the future treatment plan. The Integrated Cancer Centre of Ghent (ICG) of Maria Middelares General Hospital collaborates with specialists in the E17 Hospital Network for the MOC. In addition to oncologists and physicians from the disciplines involved, GPs, oncology coaches, oncology psychologists and oncology dietitians are welcome to join the meetings. Interested GPs can join the meetings in person or take part by video conference.

You will find the video conferencing manual here.

Only available in Dutch:

Alternatively, view the explainer video below.

If you wish to propose a patient for discussion at a MOC, please contact one of the data managers by telephone or e-mail:

Perioperative partnership

Perioperative partnership

High-quality patient care assumes good communication between the primary and secondary care providers, with attention paid to the patient’s continuity of care.

A Perioperative Partnership Document has been drawn up to facilitate this. This document was developed in consultation with the Ghent Association of General Practitioners and the anaesthetists and surgeons of the Ghent hospitals. It meets the standards of the National Council for the Promotion of Quality.

Document composition

  • Part I: to be completed by the GP and/or specialist
  • Part II and III (consent form and a questionnaire): to be completed by the patient

An electronic preoperative form is currently being developed within the E17 Hospital Network. It will be launched in 2020.

Only available in Dutch:

For questions or comments please contact: