About two weeks before your first day at work

About two weeks before your first day at work, you will also receive an invitation from SD Worx to create an account for the digital learning platform MyWorkAndMe/eBlox HR.

It is important to register as soon as possible at our website. You need to register first before you can start the onboarding process, and you will receive an e-mail from SD Worx in order to set up your account.

The digital learning platform eBlox HR has all the obligatory e-Learning courses and trainings. You must complete all the e-Learning courses before your first day at work. Only then will you receive the necessary logins.

How to access the e-Learning courses

  • Register at my sd worx.
  • Go to 'eBlox HR'.
  • Click on 'training overview’, which can be found in the menu on the left.
  • Your e-Learning courses are ready in the 'training plans’.
  • Click on the arrow at the right in order to start the e-Learning course.

Questions or concerns?

For any questions or concerns about the completion of an e-Learning course, please contact the HR-cel WOLL at vorming@mijnziekenhuis.be.