Before your first day at work

Before starting your internship, you must complete two e-learning courses:

  • general e-learning course for ASOs (trainee specialist physicians)/HAIOs (trainee general practitioners) at the beginning;
  • e-learning course on Synops for ASOs/HAIOs.

The general e-learning course contains all kinds of information regarding your internship in our hospital. This hospital-wide e-learning course is aimed at all ASOs/HAIOs. The e-learning course also contains some test questions.

The Synops e-learning unit is an online training course to prepare you for using our Synops digital medical record system.

This is compulsory!

You have to complete the e-learning courses at least five calendar days before the start of your internship. If you have not completed the e-learning units before the start of your internship, you will not be able to have the necessary administrative formalities set up (personal login, etcetera).

The e-learning courses are made available on the Televic platform. Your Televic account will be enabled after you have registered online using the general registration form. You will receive your e-learning login details by e-mail. Remember: your activation e-mail may end up in your SPAM folder.

Your Televic account remains valid throughout your training path and is associated with your e-mail address. So please keep your login details safe!

From your first day at work onwards

On your first working day, you will also receive an invitation from SD Worx to create an account for the digital learning platform MyWorkAndMe/eBlox HR (a Televic partner). From then on, all additional compulsory e-learning and training courses will be available in your personal eBlox HR portal.