What is it?

Certain implants (pacemakers, cardiac resynchronisation devices and defibrillators) are equipped with a so-called telemonitoring system. This system allows for the remote evaluation of both the device and the patient.

What is the process?

Telemonitoring does not require any additional procedures. If the decision is made to use telemonitoring in your case, you will be asked to visit for a consultation. Your implant will be connected to a programming device and the telemonitoring option will be activated. After receiving the necessary explanations, you will be provided with a communication device that can download the data from your implant and forward them through a telephone or mobile connection.


The implant will forward the information automatically or when prompted to do so by you. This information contains different types of measurements, such as heart rhythm disturbances, as well as a technical analysis of the implant. All of these data can be viewed by the physician or other representative through a secured website.

Based on the data, the treatment can be adjusted at an early stage. If necessary, the department will contact you.

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Latest publication date: 05/02/2021
Supervising author: Dr Provenier Frank