What is it?

A duplex scan of the carotid arteries is an ultrasound of the neck arteries that uses sound waves to examine their structure and functioning. A Doppler test is performed in conjunction with the ultrasound. These test the velocity of the blood flow. Constrictions that may have been caused by a stroke can be visualised in this way.

What is the process?


No specific preparations are required. You take your place on the examination table and stretch your neck. The room is darkened to allow the physician to better assess the neck arteries.


To ensure effective conduction of the sound waves, a cold gel is applied to the neck. The physician will guide the probe across both sides of the neck to visualise the underlying blood vessels.

The examination takes approximately ten minutes.
There are no associated risks and no specific aftercare is required.


The anatomy of the neck arteries is mapped to be able to quantify the degree of constriction.

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Latest publication date: 05/02/2021
Supervising author: Dr Provenier Frank