You can find all the answers to your FAQ related to speech therapy here.

Can I schedule testing with a speech therapist without a referral?

No. A test performed by a speech therapist must always be ordered by a prescription from a physician or specialist. Not all physicians can prescribe speech therapy testing or treatment.

Will the speech therapy be reimbursed?

This question cannot be answered easily because there are so many different situations. If you are hospitalised, then it first depends to which ward you have been admitted. The law determines, for example, that speech therapy in the following departments is included in the daily rate: Geriatrics (old-age care), the Geriatric Day Hospital, the Rehabilitation Department and the Psychiatric Department. For this reason, you will not receive an invoice for speech therapy if you were in one of these departments at the time you received speech therapy.

Speech therapy can never be reimbursed if no treatment was provided after the testing.

If testing and examinations suggest that speech therapy treatment could be useful, then the speech therapist may request reimbursement from the health insurance. The government has made a list of which speech disorders may qualify when requesting reimbursement. An extensive medical record must be prepared for any such request. The file must include a physician’s prescription and an extensive report from the testing performed by the speech therapist. For most disorders, certain tests must be performed.

The request will be submitted to your health insurance. They decide, within the applicable regulations, whether or not the request will be granted. If the request is not granted, then most insurance companies will still provide limited reimbursement for a certain number of sessions. Your health insurance company can best inform you of their policy.

For some disorders, this request must be made within a certain period after the onset of symptoms. For aphasia, for example, you must submit the request within six months of the start of the aphasia, otherwise the speech therapist can no longer be reimbursed.

Can your speech therapists come to the home?

That is an option. Our speech therapists may visit a patient's home that is within approximately 20 kilometres from the hospital. People who have not received follow-up care at our hospital may also receive our home visit services. A fixed amount for mileage is charged. For more information, please contact us at our central telephone number.

Are your speech therapists covered by agreement with the health insurance fund?.

Yes. All our speech therapists are covered by agreement with the health insurance fund. And we work according to the legally agreed-upon rates and strive to provide affordable care for all.

How much is the co-payment?

If your health insurance grants a reimbursement for speech therapy, you only pay the co-payment (that is the money that you must pay for a 30 minute treatment). The CM website provides you with a handy overview

Your speech therapist can discuss this with you. If the speech therapist comes to your home, a fixed reimbursement amount will be calculated. This will be discussed with you at the start of treatment.

I am not a patient at your hospital. Can I still receive speech therapy at home?

Absolutely. Our speech therapists may visit a patient's home that is within approximately 20 kilometres from the hospital. For more information, please contact us at our central telephone number.

How many times per week can I receive speech therapy?

The number of times you receive speech therapy depends on several factors, such as what can be legally reimbursed for certain disorders and what the treatment goals are. This may vary from once every 14 days to five hours per week. The speech therapist will discuss the treatment frequency with you.

My child requires speech therapy. Can you provide me with this service?

Our department is specialised in complicated disorders in adults. For recommendations related to voice disorders in children and eating and drinking problems in babies and young children, you may also consult our department. For speech and reading disorders such as dyslexia, stuttering and dysphasia, you can find a speech therapist from the Flemish Society for Speech Therapists (VVL). Go to their website and select the 'Patient' profile, where you can use the search function to find a speech therapist.

I am already receiving speech therapy. Can I still receive additional or complementary services from your department?

In this case, it is best to contact our department. We are happy to look at your circumstances and see what the legal and practical options are.

Can I come to you for a second opinion?

Yes, you may come to our department for one-time extensive testing. This is provided for mild as well as severely complicated disorders involving language, speech, swallowing and the voice.

A physician’s prescription is required. This testing is not reimbursed. You will be well informed beforehand regarding the cost (which depends on the duration). You may book an appointment by calling the department's general telephone number (+32 (0)9 246 99 90).

Can I complete an internship with the Speech Therapy Department?

We do have speech therapy student interns at our department because we would like to contribute to the future of speech therapy. We receive many requests every day regarding student observers or volunteer interns. To complete an internship with our department, your educational institution must have an internship agreement with our hospital. Otherwise the internship is not allowed due to liability, privacy laws and practical organisational reasons. This holds for long-term as well as visiting internships.

Our department contact person for internships is Marieke Vandelanotte.