Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapy Department is more than 35 years old.
We are at your service for examination, treatment
and support for a variety of acquired
language, speech and swallow disorders.

Our chief specialties are:

  • language disorders (aphasia)
  • voice disorders (dysphonia)
  • speech disorders (dysarthria and apraxia of speech)
  • facial paralysis (peripheral facial palsy)
  • swallowing disorders (dysphagia)
  • cognitive disorders (for instance, in people with dementia or after brain trauma)
  • language mapping in awake neurosurgery

Since 2016, we also examine, treat and support children with congenital as well as acquired eating and drinking difficulties.

The patient can be treated both at the hospital and in their home.

All our speech therapists are covered by agreement with the health insurance fund, so we work according to the legally agreed rates.

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Our advantages

  • Treatment: at the hospital or in the patient’s home
  • Specialised department with more than 35 years’ experience