Maria Middelares General Hospital and Groeninge General Hospital join forces against severe aphasia

Over the last three years, two speech therapists from Maria Middelares General Hospital and Groeninge General Hospital have been collaborating on content for speech therapy. GLOBAMIX, a recently published workbook that identifies the remaining learning opportunities for adults with severe language impairment after brain injury (aphasia), confirms this collaboration. Frank Paemeleire, who is responsible for the Maria Middelares General Hospital Speech Therapy Diagnostic Centre, and Lieselot Moerkerke, a speech therapist at Groeninge General Hospital, joined forces for this project.

Understanding and expressing language is difficult for individuals with severe aphasia. As a result, they contribute less to their treatment, and the patient's independence and quality of life is limited. GLOBAMIX applies the principles of dynamic assessment, in which the researcher behaves as a supporting communication partner. It adapts the assignments according to the capabilities of the individual and provides extra help where necessary. This gives much more information and is less frustrating for the patient.

In view of its size, GLOBAMIX will be issued in two parts (2020 and 2022). With this publication, we place the speech therapy services of both hospitals firmly on the map in Flanders and the Netherlands!

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