The laboratory carries out analyses for all human clinical biology disciplines at the request of specialists at Maria Middelares General Hospital, St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze and of GPs.

Our advantages

  • The laboratory is recognised by Sciensano under number 44673
  • We focus on quality service, scientific support and innovative technology

Analyses - overview

  • Biochemistry
  • Endocrinology
  • Haematology/haemostasis
  • Immunohaematology/non-infectious serology (allergology, autoimmunity, etc.)
  • Infectious disease serology
  • Microbiology/mycology/parasitology/molecular diagnostics
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring/toxicology
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
Analyses - overview

Our key features

Quality service

The laboratory strives to provide physicians with accurate results for the requested analyses as quickly as possible. The results are obtained in the context of a quality system that we developed and that is monitored by a team of accredited clinical biologists and a Quality Control Unit.

Scientific support

Special attention is paid to scientific support. The clinical biologists are available for consultation in order to arrive at a correct interpretation of the results and to assist the requester in reaching a diagnosis or in (following up) treatments.

Innovative technology

The laboratory follows new developments in analytical methods and is open to initiatives by medical staff to test and apply new and more reliable techniques. Any new analyses undergo critical evaluation before their introduction.

Our specialists

We focus on providing quality service, scientific support and innovative technology

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