Ghent - Paediatrics

Urinary Department

For the diagnosis and treatment of urinary problems in your child, you can contact our specialists at the Urinary outpatient department.

Possible complaints

Possible complaints
  • Difficult or late toilet training.
  • Incontinence complaints with wet pants during the day.
  • Bedwetting.
  • Less frequent nephrological pathology.

How we work

How we work

This information relates only to the Maria Middelares General Hospital site.

  • The Enuresis Team (enuresis means bedwetting) is a partnership with Dr Peter Dekuyper (urologist) and two physiotherapists.
  • There is bi-weekly consultation with the paediatric nephrology department at Ghent University Hospital.
  • We provide nephrology and enuresis advice for patients, GPs and fellow paediatricians using:
    • Anamnesis
    • Clinical examination
    • Conservative bladder volume measurement
    • 24-hour concentration profile
    • Uroflow
    • Ultrasound bladder and kidneys
    • Physical therapy