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Paediatric pneumology

Our paediatric pneumology specialists provide thorough care for babies and children with lung and respiratory problems. These problems can be the result of premature birth, exposure to viruses or a weaker immune system.
You can also come to us for the treatment of allergic or non-allergic asthma.

This information relates only to the Maria Middelares General Hospital site.

How we work

How we work
  • During an initial consultation, we map out the child's complaints. If necessary, we perform additional examinations or tests, such as allergy tests, chest X-rays, blood tests, lung function tests or research into undetected reflux.
  • After we make the diagnosis, we explain in detail to parents the condition the child has and the treatment we propose.
  • We have weekly consultations with the Paediatric Lung Disease Department at Ghent University Hospital.