Consultations are by appointment only. You can go to Maria Middelares General Hospital or the Maria Middelares Medical Centre in Ghent-Bruges.

For a gastroscopy without anaesthesia and an ultrasound, you do not need to go in for a consultation first, but you can book an appointment directly. For all other tests and examinations, you need to first go in for a consultation, where the further arrangements will be made and the preparation will be explained.


Maria Middelares:

If you have an outpatient appointment (not a day clinic), please register with your identity card at the e-kiosk in the atrium. The Digestive Centre is located on the level, gate F2b. Before you take your seat in the waiting room (F2a), please register at the secretariat of the Digestive Centre.

Maria Middelares Medical Centre of Ghent-Brugge:

If you have an outpatient appointment, register with your identity card at the e-kiosk at the reception. The Digestive Centre is located on the first floor, reception desk 32. You may take a seat in the waiting room (waiting point 36) without registering at the secretariat.

What to bring

  • Medication list
  • Identity card
  • Possible referral letter from the GP or physician or reports from lab/radiology.

On an empty stomach or not?

You need to come to the following visits on an empty stomach:

For the examinations below, you need not have on an empty stomach:

  • Consultation
  • Left coloscopy




The Admissions Department for the Digestive Centre is located on the fifth floor (D503) and can be reached through gate D.

Ward rounds

The physicians and the nursing team are responsible for your care. Every day, one of the permanent staff members does the rounds of the ward. During the ward rounds we try to provide you as much information as possible about your condition. Do not hesitate to ask for additional information during the ward rounds. You can also contact the supervising physician for the ward rounds by telephone.

Request for additional information by the family

If you want more information about an admitted family member, you can contact the duty physician. You can either be present during the ward rounds or you can contact the ward physician by telephone. Please contact the secretariat at +32 (0)9 246 71 00.

Communication with your GP

Your GP will be kept informed as best as possible. When you are dismissed, you will be given a provisional letter of dismissal, which you will then deliver to your GP as soon as possible. Afterward, we will send a final and complete letter of dismissal to your GP.



Sometimes, a surgical procedure is decided upon in consultation with the abdominal surgeons at Maria Middelares. Below we provide an overview of the average hospitalisation duration per procedure. The surgeon who performs the operation will undoubtedly give you more personalised information about it during a prior consultation.

Type of surgeryDuration of surgeryDuration of hospital stayDuration of incapacity to work
Appendectomy30 min.2-3 days14 days
Cholecystectomy45 min.2 days3 weeks
Nissen1 hour2 days3-4 weeks
Elective sigmoidectomy after diverticulitis2.5-3 hours7-10 days4-6 weeks
Colon-carcinoma resection2.5-3 hours7-10 days4-6 weeks
Hernia inguinalis30 min. (unilateral) 95 min. (bilateral)1 overnight stay3 weeks



As part of a strong quality policy, we strive for appropriate transparency.

The physicians at the Digestive Centre are not part of the national health service. This means that we are not bound by the rates set by the NIHDI for medical services.

The rate paid by you is always correctly stated on the medical certificate for the mutual health insurance company. You do not have to pay on the spot. The invoice will be sent to your home address.

Below you will find a list of the most common services with the rates we charge:


RateCopayment (i.e. part to be paid by yourself)
Consultation and ultrasound€89.73€24.52
Consultation and gastric examination€180.75€30.72
Consultation and left coloscopy€99.45€29.43
Consultation and haemorrhoids treatment€64.96€24.25

Day clinic

The hospitalisation insurance in principle helps with this; of course, depending on the individual policy.

4-person roomno supplements
double roomno supplements
single roomup to 150% supplement

Rates outside our service (but often requested by our service)

RateCopayment (i.e. part to be paid by yourself)
CT abdomen: scan of the abdomen€201.56€9.92
C13 breath test for Helicobacter, lactose,...€197.85€26.67