St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze

Address: St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze
Schutterijstraat 34, 9800 Deinze.

Do you have an appointment at St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze or are you coming here for a visit? Our hospital can be accessed easily by public transport or by auto. Map your route here.

There is free bicycle parking to the left of the main entrance.

The Deinze Station is only one kilometre or a fifteen-minute walk from our hospital.

You can also take the bus. The bus stop is directly opposite the station entrance. Get off at the Deinze Kerkhof stop (100 metres from the hospital).

Take into account the current roadworks between Aalter and Deinze on the regional road N409 (Aaltersesteenweg, Vinktstraat and Deinzestraat). More information on the roadworks and detours is available here.

There are several ways to drive to St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze.

Parking zones

St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze provides several parking zones for its patients and visitors. Persons with disabilities can always park for free upon presentation of the blue disabled-person's card. Click here for more information:

Parking main entrance

Parking inconvenience on Schutterijstraat

Reconstruction (phase 1) of the car park in front of the hospital (Schutterijstraat) is slate to begin on Monday 4 December. As a result, the paid section of the car park (between the two barriers) will not be accessible until January 2024. Click 'More info' for alternative car parks.

At the front of our hospital, you will find a paid parking area. When entering this parking area, take a ticket at the barrier. If you depart again within 30 minutes, this ticket enables you to exit the car park for free.

See below for an overview of the parking rates for this car park.

0 to 30 minutes
Free of charge

More than 30 minutes, but less than 1 hour

Between 1 and 1.5 hours
Between 1.5 and 2 hours
Between 2 and 2.5 hours
Between 2.5 and 3 hours

Between 3 and 4 hours

Between 4 and 5pm


Between 5 and 6am
Between 6 and 7am

Longer than 7 hours

Weekly ticket (valid for 7 days)
Lost tickets

Visitors can validate their parking ticket at the payment terminal in the hall at the main entrance. You can pay by cash or bancontact. If the car park is full, you can also park on Schutterijstraat (paid). Free parking is available on Peter Benoit Avenue and near the cemetery. Patients visiting the Oncology Day Hospital can park free of charge. Parking facilities can be discussed during the planning of the day admission. Present the care coordinator any questions you may have when they telephone you the day prior to admission.

Parking spoed

Patiënten voor de spoedopname kunnen gratis parkeren.

Voor anderen die van deze parking gebruik maken, gelden de hiernaast vermelde tarieven. Je kan je parkeerticket valideren aan de automaat bij het onthaal van de spoedopname of het dagziekenhuis.

0 tot 30 minuten
Meer dan 30 minuten en minder dan 1 uur
3 euro
Tussen 1 en 1,5 uur
4 euro
Tussen 1,5 en 2 uur
5 euro
Tussen 2 en 2,5 uur
6,50 euro
Tussen 2,5 en 3 uur
7,50 euro
Tussen 3 en 4 uur
10 euro
Tussen 4 en 5 uur
12,50 euro
Tussen 5 en 6 uur
15 euro
Tussen 6 en 7 uur
17,50 euro
Meer dan 7 uur
20 euro
Verloren ticket
20 euro

Underground parking at Meulenstraat

Parents of hospitalised children (Neonatal Unit, paediatrics) and partners of hospitalised mothers on the Maternity Unit can access the underground parking with a multi-use card.

These are available for purchase at the reception desk. You will then receive a fixed code that allows you to enter the underground car park. You will also receive an exit card that allows you to leave the underground car park for several days.

A seven-day exit ticket costs €16.00.

Patients and visitors with disabilities can use the reserved parking spaces at the main entrance. Wheelchairs are also available.

You can park here for free provided your disabilities card is visible on the windscreen of the car.

If you come with a support person, you can also be dropped off on the ramp of the 'carport', at the main entrance. After this, your support person will park the car.

Do you need a wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are available at the hospital at three locations:

  • at the main entrance
  • A&E and the day hospital entrance
  • disabled persons entrance

The wheelchairs are connected to each other by a chain. With a €1 coin, you can disconnect them.