Symptoms and causes

A callus is a thickening of the epidermis on the feet and hands due to pressure and/or overload. Sometimes, the formation of this callus can place pressure on the underlying skin layers and cause pain, in which case we refer to a corn. A wart can also be hidden under the callus. Sometimes we also see cracks or crevices forming in the areas with a callus.

Callus formation can occur without an underlying cause, but it is sometimes the result of pinching footwear or skeletal and stance abnormalities.

Diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis is made based on what the physician observes during the consultation.

The most important part of the treatment is the detection and removal of the pressure and/or overload. We also recommend that excessive calluses be removed in good time. Patients can contact our medical pedicure staff for this. A softening ointment can be used before the pedicure treatment.

The dermatologist will also look at whether it is really a callus. It can be difficult to distinguish a callus from warts at first sight.

Treatment centres and specialisations


Latest publication date: 21/01/2021
Supervising author: Dr Van Autryve Els