Clinical studies

Academic studies

Academic studies

Study design: Prospective, monocentric, randomised clinical trial

The objective of this study is to determine whether dexamethasone prolongs the duration of the analgaesic effect in a penile block, as it does in a caudal block, in circumcisions.

Phase: Phase 4 study

Principle investigator: Dr Joris Goossens

Research Centre: Maria Middelares General Hospital

Study design: Multicentre double-blinded, randomised, controlled clinical trial

To research the effect of both chilled and conventional (classical) radiofrequency (RF) treatment on individuals who have chronic knee pain and for whom conservative treatments have failed. The effect of this treatment will be compared with a sham procedure in terms of knee pain, knee function, quality of life, mental health and overall health care. Patients suffering from chronic knee pain caused by osteoarthrosis or persistent pain after a total knee replacement placement are eligible to participate and will be followed up for approximately two years as part of this study.

Principle investigator: Dr Pieter Vander Cruyssen

Principal: East Limburg Hospital

Research Centre: Maria Middelares General Hospital

SQuaD 4 Anaesthesia will provide support for the practical implementation of this study and the data collection.

Study design: Prospective, observational, multicentre study

This study aims to investigate the outcomes of aortic valve replacement with the AVALUS pericardial biological heart valve. This heart valve is also frequently used at Maria Middelares General Hospital for aortic valve replacements. This study will examine how patients fare up to one year post surgery. This is an observational study, with no additional interventions or examinations.

Principle investigator: Dr Koen Cathenis

Principal: Leuven University Hospital, Cardiac Surgery Department

Research Centre: Maria Middelares General Hospital

Studie opzet: Monocentrische gerandomiseerde gecontroleerde non-inferiority studie

Met deze studie willen we begrensde vochttherapie, waarbij de toediening van intraveneus vocht beperkt wordt tot een vooraf bepaald volume, vergelijken met doelgerichte vochttherapie, waarbij de toediening van intraveneus vocht wordt gestuurd op basis van een specifieke vullingsparameter die bepaald wordt aan de hand van de bloeddruk. Bijkomend wordt zo nodig bloeddruk verhogende medicatie opgestart. Deze studie helpt ons de invloed van deze vochttherapie├źn evalueren op de doorbloeding en zwelling van de gereconstrueerde borst.

Hoofdonderzoeker: Dr. Silvie Allaert

Onderzoekscentrum: AZ Maria Middelares

Industrial studies

Industrial studies

Study design: Multicentre, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial

This study aims to determine whether RESCAP can reduce the incidence of kidney-related complications after cardiothoracic surgery.

This study will include high-risk patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery who require the use of the heart-lung machine.

Study sponsor: Alloksys Life Sciences BV, PW Wageningen, the Netherlands

Phase: Phase 3 study

Local principal investigator: Dr Jan Heerman