You are or will be 18 years of age or older and you would like to continue your studies in the health care sector, but are still not sure about this decision. Would you like to know what it is really like in a hospital?

Then work shadowing at Maria Middelares General Hospital is just right for you! In no time, you will know exactly which direction you want to go.

Over the course of two or more days you can soak up the atmosphere of the real work field. Accompanying our staff, you will discover the world of the hospital. Sign up for a free personal experience using the registration form below. You can expect a two-week interval between the application and the allocation. Please note: it is not possible to do work shadowing in a critical unit (intensive care, emergency, maternity ward, paediatrics...).

Due to the numerous regular internship applications for vocational training, the hospital does not offer opportunities for social work placements and reflection days.

You can use the registration form below also to request a study visit to our hospital.

Are you interested? Send us your request today!

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Here are a few reviews of work shadowing experiences:

I have experienced that nursing is more than just providing care. You must work with both your head and your hands, but mainly with your heart. I thing that is the perfect combination...


Work shadowing was very instructive! I already had an idea of the direction I wanted my education to take next year; in my case it was nursing. But after this experience, I decided to study occupational therapy! I am very interested in it. I love it!


The week was very informative and interesting, and I have been welcomed and guided really well. It could have lasted longer, so that I would have had an even more complete understanding of all the tasks to be performed... You are really close to the patient and that is what I have always looked for and what I really want to do in my future job. In any case, I'm really thankful to have had this opportunity; now I understand more than ever what I really want. Thank you again for everything!