Before each new internship period at the hospital, you are required to complete an e-learning unit. It is therefore quite possible that you will have to complete this e-learning course several times during your education.

The e-learning unit contains all kinds of information regarding your internship in the hospital. This hospital-wide e-learning training is aimed at all students/trainees who come here for an internship/shadowing. The e-learning training contains some test questions.

These are compulsory!

You have to go through the e-learning unit at least five calendar days before the start of your internship (e.g. on Wednesday at the latest if you start your internship on Monday). Going through the e-learning unit takes about 25 minutes and does not count toward your internship hours. If you have not completed the e-learning unit before the start of your first internship day, you cannot start!

Your account will be activated after you have registered for the reception time using the online form. Those who have already attended a reception event in the past do not have to come again, but registering is required to activate your account. You will receive your login details by e-mail. Remember: your activation e-mail may end up in your SPAM folder!

Your account is valid for the duration of your course and is linked to your e-mail address. So, please keep your login details safe!

To open the e-learning course, please click on this link.

Good luck and enjoy your learning experience!

Do you have any questions?

HR strictly monitors this process. If you have any questions or things are not clear, please send an e-mail to