E-learning internship

Before you start your internship at the hospital, it is compulsory to complete some e-learning courses. Depending on your education and year of training, you will have more or fewer e-learning courses ready for you in your portal.

This is compulsory!

You must have completed the e-learning courses at least 5 calendar days before starting your internship! This is controlled and monitored by the HR department. Once you have completed and passed the e-learning courses, will you receive the login for the Synops digital medical records and you can start your internship. If the e-learning courses are not completed before the start of your first internship day, you cannot start!

Your account for the e-learning portal will be activated after you register for the reception event. You will receive your login details by e-mail.

Those who have already attended a welcome reception in the past should not visit again (at a welcome reception). You still need to register for a reception event with the online form to activate your badge and account.

Your account is valid for the duration of your course and is linked to your e-mail address. So, please keep your login details safe!

To open the e-Learning course, please click on this link.

Good luck and enjoy your learning experience!

Do you have any other questions?

HR strictly monitors this process. If you have any questions or if you are unclear, please email studenten@mijnziekenhuis.be.