Central Point of Contact for GPs

Quality assurance is one of our main pillars. We make every effort to offer GPs the best possible service. You may, of course, still notice aspects that require improvement.

The Central Point of Contact for GPs has been established to standardise feedback across all cooperation initiatives and to collect reports by GPs. GPs can quickly and simply report any complaints and issues here. The relevant physician will process your complaint with the necessary attention and urgency.

Naturally, an ombudsman’s office for patients is provided as well in compliance with the legal requirements for all hospitals (22/08/2002).

Submitting and handling complaints

  1. Submit your complaint to the single point of contact for GPs (see below).
  2. You will receive a confirmation of receipt once the complaint has been received.
  3. The Central Point of Contact investigates your complaint, contacts the relevant parties and draws up a plan of action.
  4. You may expect to receive feedback. The exact period of time necessary to process your complaint depends on the nature of the complaint and the time required for the investigation.