Pastoral Care Service

Hospitalisation is often thought-provoking. The meaning of life may be questioned. If you feel the need to talk about what is of intense concern to you, Pastoral Care Service staff are pleased to just be there and to make time for you.

Surrounded with care

From a Christian inspiration and with respect for your personal philosophy of life, we listen to your life story or that of your loved ones. You can also ask us to pray together.

Compassionate care

In the chapel (in Maria Middelares General Hospital) and in the quiet room (in St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze), you are always welcome to be alone for a moment with your own deepest thoughts, to light an (electric) candle, to feel connected with everyone who means a lot to you, or to meet God in prayer.

  • Chapel Maria Middelares General Hospital: Gate D, second floor
  • Quiet room St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze: follow route 57 from the main entrance


If you wish to receive communion in your room, ask the nurse to pass on your wish to the Pastoral Care Service.


Rituals can also provide support. A blessing or anointing of the sick is intended to allow God to be present in a strengthening and comforting way. Don't hesitate to ask about it.


Every Tuesday morning, a Eucharist celebration takes place at Maria Middelares General Hospital at 9.30am in the chapel (Gate D, second floor), which is also broadcast on Channel 2 on the TVs in the patients' rooms. In addition, around Christmas, Easter and World Illness Day, the Pastoral Care Service organises a joint celebration at Maria Middelares General Hospital and St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze.

Spiritual care

Find a representative of your worldview or a secular humanist counsellor below.


The Pastoral Care Service consists of four pastors. A pastor is always available on weekdays.